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Want a high-performance, American-made SUP board that screams quality and value? Glide controls every phase of the manufacturing process. This control provides a market agility that is unique in an industry dominated by off shore product. There is nothing nimble about waiting 8+ weeks for a container of imported Chinese boards to arrive and clear customs. At Glide, not a single element of the production cycle is outsourced. It all happens at their factory in Salt Lake City, the largest board manufacturing operation in the country. It’s this control of process flow and inventory that has made Glide such a trusted business partner to their dealers and retailers throughout the world. They have a board for every type of paddling you’re looking to do: recreational flat-water, high adrenaline whitewater, surf, race, yoga—you name it.  

Glide Qwest


The Quest was designed for those who have to see what is beyond the next bend. The Quest is a fast sleek board, designed for touring. Spend your morning cutting through glass at your local lake or exploring the world beyond the horizon. The GSS coating will withstand damage caused by rocks, oyster beds, or hidden dangers.Our touring board, this board excels on flat water as a cruiser, racer, or sightseer. Want to know what is behind the next bend? Get there on a Quest. Paddling away from an angry Bear, this board has incredible speed. What is your Quest?

Length: 12’6”  Width: 30"  Thickness: 4 5/8"  Volume: 240L  Weight: 36 lbs 

Glide Retro


The Retro is Glide’s take on the classic surf board design. Cruise your local lake in style. The Retro is also a capable whitewater and ocean surf board.Some things never go out of style. Glide had to pay homage to the classic surf shapes used by so many from the Waikiki Beach Boys, to present day SUP pioneers. Take this board to the lake for a day of fun, run up to class II whitewater or take this board to the ocean where it’s classic design will excel.

Length: 10'  Width: 31"  Thickness: 4 1/2"  Volume: 175L  Weight: 29lbs

Length: 11'  Width: 32"  Thickness: 4 3/4"  Volume: 210L  Weight: 34lbs

Lenght: 12'  Width: 33"  Thickness: 5"  Volume: 245L  Weight: 38lbs

Glide Speedster


The Speedster board has a low entry rocker that flows into a displacement hull and exits with a rounded pin-tail. These engineering breakthroughs make this board extremely fast in getting to top speed and gliding effortlessly. The board’s width makes it very stable so that there is no loss in efficiency from rocking side to side which will turn the full power of the stroke into forward energy.

Length: 12’6”  Width: 28 1/2"  Thickness:6"  Volume: 255L  Weight: 26 lbs

Length: 14’  Width: 27"  Thickness: 6"  Volume: 290L  Weight: 31 lbs  

Glide Keiki


The Keiki is designed for the smallest of paddler to navigate the waterways. Coated in Glide’s patent-pending GSS coating, this board ready for any abuse a little paddler can muster. At 8’4” x 28” x 18 lbs, the Keiki is a great board for paddlers up to 120 lbs and can be used in surf, flat-water and river play. The Keiki is the most durable SUP on the market and priced to be more affordable than competing boards.

Length:8’4”   Width: 28"  Thickness: 3 7/8"  Volume: 120L  Weight 17 lbs

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